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Do you have steep slopes in your yard? Do you have trouble with mulch or dirt run-off because of an incline? Building a stone or paver retaining wall is often the best solution to minimizing shifting terrain and water build-up. Beyond that, a stone or paver wall can be used to section off parts of your outdoor living space, clearly defining areas such as the pool, dining area, and sitting space.

Walls and Benches, Keystone Pavers
Walls and Benches, Maryland and Delaware

Define your sitting area with sleek stone or paver benches.

Many of our Maryland and Delaware clients are moving toward minimal outdoor designs that maximize space, accentuate functionality, and reduce ongoing upkeep. Adding a stone or paver bench that also doubles as a wall not only acts as an artistic focal point of your landscape, but also reduces the amount of lawn furniture needed in your space. Less furniture means more space and less outdoor cleaning overall. Keystone Pavers are the professional hardscape contractors you need to create the walls and benches you’re looking for in Maryland and Delaware!



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